Reel Ladies Fishing Contest 2013

Round up of Reel Ladies weekend:


Well here we are again, the end of another successful tournament.


We had the best turnout since we have convened the tournament for the last 5 years, with 29 boats and 87 anglers.


The weather really turned it on for us, which makes it all the better for everyone, skippers, deckies, and of course the lady anglers.


The sea was a bit messy to start with on Saturday morning, but soon settled down, so did the breeze.  The water was an amazing inky blue and relatively warm.  The marlin were around, with Brenda Croft on “Two Wins” tagging and releasing the first one for the tournament. 

Day one was relatively busy with lots of tagged and released fish, day two was quieter.

Our boat, Gemini’s Five hooked up mid-afternoon on day two, but after dancing all over the ocean for us, the Marlin shook out the hook.  However, come 10minutes before stop fishing, and we came across a meatball of fish, with at least two marlin feeding on the surface!  Boy was that exciting.  We tried and tried to hook one, even after the stop fishing as it was too exciting to leave.  But as we didn’t have any live bait to throw in, it was always going to be a hard call.

On day one, there were 6 striped marlin tagged and released, 1 blue shark, 1 bronze whaler shark, and 1 mako shark all tagged and released.

On day two, there were 2 striped marlin, and 2 mako sharks tagged and released.


So, as there was no qualifying weighed billfish for the tournament, the lovely Jo Seagar prize was a lucky draw and won by a lovely young woman who emotionally said she never wins anything. 

Glen had managed the radio really well as always with lucky draws through-out the two days, also quiz questions through-out the two days which kept spirits up.  It was fun.


Back at the club for prize-giving, and everyone was in fine spirit. 

We had a “Dick of the Tournament” award, one of Robbie Aukett’s special lures!!

There was the best team uniform award, won by Jo Seagar and her team.

There was the Cater Marine Poetry award, won by the ladies on Double Strike.

The team on “Striker” Jo Seager and co won the team most points, taking out the major prize.

Striker also, took out the Skipper most points and the Deckie most points.


I believe that the boat has already been re-booked for next year – go Jo!  and, her friend Patty from New York. Wow!!


Thanks to our major Sponsors, the boat “Arabella” and Jo Seagar, we were able to offer great prizes this year.  But the best thing about the tournament for Glen and myself, was the atmosphere at prize-giving.  Everyone was having a great time, and that is always our goal.  To have a great, and fun tournament.


Thanks to everyone involved, sponsors, anglers, skippers, deckies, the swordfish clup for another successful tournament.


Glen and Margaret

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