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Haarlem Danish Oil is a premium quality wood oil built from natural renewable resources - Tung Oil which is pressed from the nut of the Tung Tree and Vegetable Turpentine, which is extracted from Pinus trees, plus a touch of David’s "magic brew".Haarlem Oil 4b85a3bd49c2d.jpg Haarlem Oil, a Danish Oil, is designed to soak into the wood, curing to a tough durable finish, while creating a warm, natural, low lustre.Uses: Interior/Exterior - Suitable for all furniture joinery and trims, sarking, bench tops, concrete and stonework. For floors and outdoor use refer to application and preparation.Coverage: Previously oiled wood, 12-16 m2 per litre. Dressed smooth wood, 6-12 m2 per litre. Rough sawn or porous wood, 2-8 m2 per litre.Preparation: Ensure wood is clean, dry and mould free with moisture content below 18%. Treat any mould or moss with appropriate product. Weathered or grey wood should be chemically treated and/or sanded to remove dead fibres, exposing fresh wood before oiling. Sand to desired finish. Slow drying may occasionally occur on oily timbers such as Rimu, Totara and Matai. On these or previously coated surfaces, apply Haarlem Danish Oil to a test panel to ensure compatibility and thorough drying.Caution: Oily rags may self-ignite. Do not throw into rubbish bin. Soak rags in water and hang out to dry.Application:Shake Thoroughly Before UseUse with adequate ventilation, read all instructions thoroughly.Do not apply in damp, humid conditions or when surface and air temperature is below 10oC during application or drying.1ST COAT: Is a flood coat. Apply Haarlem Danish Oil generously. After a few minutes, soak in time before the oil becomes tacky, wipe surface with a clean, dry, lint free cloth to remove ALL excess oil. Allow to dry for 16 hours at 20oC.2ND COAT: For fine finishes, sand between coats with at least 240 grit sand paper or 0000 steel wool. Dust off surface thoroughly. Alternatively apply this coat with 000 or 0000 steel wool or equivalent synthetic pad. Apply Haarlem Danish Oil more sparingly than the first coat, leave a few minutes then buff off ALL excess oil using a soft dry cloth. Allow to dry for 16hrs at 20oC.Further coats may be required depending on timber type and porosity. When an even, low, lustre finish has been achieved the finish is complete. Applying additional coats may result in film build up with a patchy dull/glossy finish. However, higher gloss levels can be achieved through mechanical buffing with lambs wool pad.Floors: It is very important that ALL excess oil is buffed off after a few minutes soak in.Sand to the desired finish and remove all dust before oiling.1ST COAT : Apply as above.2ND and 3RD COATS: If necessary sand between coats with a fine grit sandpaper to remove any raised grain. Dilute the oil 10 – 15 % with Vegetable Turpintine before applying the second and third coats, which can be spread much further than the first coat. Buff dry with a soft dry cloth after a few minutes.Allow to dry for 16 hrs at 20oCEach subsequent coat will use less oil.Apply only as many coats as is needed to achieve an even, low, lustre finish. Too many coats may result in a patchy glossy/dull finish.Your finish will require time to cure. Depending on the temperature and humidity, this could take a few days to a couple of weeks. Be gentle with your new floor during this process as the surface is still soft and prone to marking and water spotting. Any marks should be easily removed by rubbing the effected area with a 3-4 zero synthetic pad and a small amount of Haarlem Danish Oil. More stubborn marks can be removed with a light sand before re-applying oil.Exterior: After initial oiling, apply a maintenance coat every 3-18 months, depending on exposure to direct sunlight. This will keep the wood "fed" ensuring a new wet look and preventing the timber greying off. If the surface is looking dark, treat with mould and moss remover before applying next coat. When the surface starts looking dull and flat, its time for a quick wipe over with Haarlem Danish Oil.About: Supreme Oils is the manufacturer of Haarlem Oil in New Zealand. Now called Haarlem Danish Oil, to more acurately represent the product, this is the origional Haarlem Oil that has been made in New Zealand since the early 1990's. With no compromise on quality ingredients and a time tested formula, Haarlem Danish Oil is the best Danish Oil available in New Zealand today. Its a Danish Oil that has been formulated in New Zealand, with the environment in mind to enhance the nautral beauty of any wooden surface.

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